Mario Galla by Lars Weber


I was asked by VALID Magazine if I would like to be featured on their cover and I said yes (of course). So I asked Lars Weber if he could shoot a story for the magazine with me. Lars is one of the most talented young guns from Hamburg and he knows how to get the best results in short time. He organized an awesome Team with Hinda Sarvan who did the styling and Sarah Kemnitz who did the hair and make up. We shot on a Sunday morning in the centre of Hamburg. We thought at this time of the day everything will be very quiet and calm, but we were totally wrong, because we didn't know that at this time of the day, the city centre was full of crazy or drunk people from the night before and to shoot with extraordinary outfits at public places you easily can get into some serious trouble. But after some fights with really strange guys we definitely got the result we expected in less than 7 hours.